Osteogenesis Imperfecta - LIVING WITH BRITTLE BONES - Audrey Ekdahl Davidson


This memoir should have been written at a time when its subject could still use a keyboard, since of necessity at this time the book had to be as told to her husband, often leaving it up to him to provide the words in which the story would appear. Nevertheless, even in this clumsy way, it has been thought to be important to prepare this account of a lifetime of living with brittle bone disease, even the struggle with its effects in old age. But the story is also one of a lifetime of engagement with music, in later years especially with early music.
A number of people helped to provide information for the book and offered encouragement. These include my sister Lucile,and cousins Gwen Forsline and James Nyquist, among others. Previous knowledge about osteogenesis imperfecta was augmented by the Osteogenesis Foundation and the web site of the National Institute of Health as well as various publications available in the Western Michigan University Library.
The x-ray was provided by Bronson Methodist Hospital, and Gwen Forsline kindly lent her photo of Paula Stephens. A preliminary version of this biography was printed in an edition limited to forty copies in December 2004.

A. E. D.
C. D.
Kalamazoo, Michigan

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