Osteogenesis Imperfecta - LIVING WITH BRITTLE BONES - Audrey Ekdahl Davidson

Audrey Ekdahl Davidson
Books & Other Publications

I Will Sing a New Song unto the Lord: The Works of Heinz Werner Zimmermann. Springfield, Ohio: Chantry Music Press, 1969. Out of print.

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(Co-Editor) Sacra-Profana: Studies in Sacred and Secular Music in Honor of Johannes Riedel. Minneapolis: Friends of Minnesota Music, 1985. Out of print.

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A Selection of Early Music from the Repertoire of the Society for Old Music Transcribed by Audrey Ekdahl Davidson and Published as a Tribute to Her on Her Retirement, ed. Matthew Steel and Nicholas Batch. Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 1993. <http:www.wmich.edu/medieval/mip/>

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Hymn to Mary (Mixed Voices), An Heavenly Song (Mixed Choir), Mass in D (Men’s Voices). Privately printed, 1999.

Olivier Messiaen and the Tristan Myth. Westport, Connecticut, and London: Praeger, 2001. <http:www.greenwood.com/books>

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